Welcome to Pioneer Overseas

Words that reverberate in every student’s mind when he walks into our offices. Highly charged individuals with adventurous minds bodies and spirit seeking the ultimate challenge that quest their quite insatiable appetites for knowledge, prosperity and glory. Students, who dare to dream, live and achieve. Undeterred by the boundaries, seas and oceans that separates them from their quest of success.

We at PIONEER Overseas Educational Consultants understand their ambitions, aspirations and ambitions the best. As they seek to change the world, we silently and professionally open up new doors of opportunities that will lead them to their goals and emancipation.

We are committed to provide professional, knowledge based and caring counseling, admission and Visa Counseling and related services. Our commitment and dedication towards students’ interests have been highly valued and appreciated by top universities and academic institutions and have recognized us as their trusted and preferred recruitment partners in India. By opening up the world of opportunities to them we give our students the opportunity to change their world, yours & mine.